Fifty years on from its inauguration in 1970,

we announce our Summer Course for 2020.

"Alone and Together"

"Only a society that can preserve its internal cohesion and collective values, while at the same time granting the individual the greatest possible freedom has any prospect of enduring vitality."

C.G. JUNG  Psychological Types

The Summer Course was created by Irene Champernowne in 1970 ‘to be a time and space where people working in these fields* could “recharge their batteries”, when they could “take in” for themselves, instead of the “giving out” they were involved in for the rest of the year.”

"Everyone was to have the opportunity of experiencing, personally, the integrating power of creativeness.” 

*Psychotherapy and the Arts   

Irene Champernowne

The Champernowne Trust.

A Mental Health and Educational Charity, since 1969, inspired by the ideas of Dr C G Jung, and based on the  pioneering work of Dr Irene Champernowne in the field of Arts and Creativity in Psychotherapy, the Trust

- Promotes emotional health through Jungian Psychotherapy and the Creative Arts
- Provides education and support for helping professionals
- Provides affordable psychotherapy for those with limited resources  

 The Champernowne Summer Course

The Champernowne Summer Course has been the jewel The Trust's  crown since 1970

a source of Respite, Nourishment, Renewal, Inspiration, and much more, for helping professionals

offered annually until 2012, and since then biennially 

"An Enriching Experience. Something rare."

For anyone in interested psychotherapy, in education, in the creative arts and seeking community, inspiration or refreshment in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere and in good company, with first class accommodation and catering.

A rich diverse five day programme of lectures and seminars, discussions, arts workshops open-all-hours arts studios, with music, song, poetry and dance, with time to relax, to go deep, to recharge,

The Course has a broadly Jungian/archetypal ethos, without dogmatism or evangelism.

Quotes from past course members:

...an extraordinary and unique course... the atmosphere of warmth and support. It helped me enormously both in a therapeutic sense and also as a simple, peaceful restorative treat.

​I think it is WONDERFUL... it gave me personally a sense of freedom to express myself and be all that I could be.

... a place where being holistic and intuitive is normal, instead of being alternative and different as it is in the world in general ... a chance to step back from my life, to renew and grow.

Truly wonderful experience ... the spirit is so beautiful... unique.

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