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Champernowne - Mental health and the arts

Champernowne Trust promotes emotional health through Jungian Psychotherapy and the Creative Arts since 1969

Providing courses that inform, nourish and inspire practitioners, and making affordable therapy available to those in need.

The Trust disseminates the psychology and therapeutic approach of Dr C G Jung as interpreted in practice by Dr Irene Champernowne.

The Champernowne Summer Course
‘Alone and Together’

For anyone in interested psychotherapy, in education, in the creative arts and seeking community, inspiration or refreshment in a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere and in good company, with first class accommodation and catering.

A rich diverse five day programme of lectures and seminars, discussions, arts workshops open-all-hours arts studios, with music, song, poetry and dance, with time to relax, to go deep, to recharge.

The Course has a broadly Jungian/archetypal ethos, without dogmatism or evangelism

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The Champernowne Summer Course has been the jewel in The Trust’s crown since 1970

a source of Respite, Nourishment, Renewal, Inspiration, and much more, for helping professionals offered annually until 2012, and since then biennially 

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Fifty Years of Champernowne Trust

How do we celebrate half a century of outstanding service to Jungian Psychotherapy and the Arts? 1969 Wilson in Number 10. Nixon in the White House.Moon landings – Woodstock  – Beatles on the roof…Irene Champernowne founds the Champernowne Trust -leading to 50 years of service in particular to Jungian Psychotherapy and the Arts. In 1970 the…

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The Resonance of Choirs

This is a photo of choir singing on the Champernowne Trust Summer Course* in August 2018. It happened every day. Choir singing in unison means we ‘vibrate at the same rate’ – one of the definitions of resonance. To resonate with others is a good feeling. Singing puts body and mind in tune. Feel good…

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A Resonant Alliance

One of the definitions for ‘resonance’ in the Collins Dictionary is “The sound produced by an object when it vibrates at the same rate as the sound waves from another object”.

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