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Help the Champernowne Trust Help Others

Champernowne Trust needs and appreciates help in its twin missions

The Champernowne Trust helps people who need psychotherapy but lack the means to get access to a qualified therapist. 

The Champernowne Trust helps professionals who work at depth with people in distress, providing subsidised courses to enable them to recharge their batteries and develop their professional resources. 

If you have benefited from the work of the Trust -

 If you want to support our work -

there are many ways that you can help us to continue. 

We need your help to spread the word about what we offer, and to build our community.

We need your help with our finances.

Help us to spread the word

We aim to build a community of like-minded people who can benefit from and contribute to our work.

We aim to spread the word about the perspectives of depth psychology, and the healing benefits of creativity in action.






Help us to raise funds

The original endowment of the Trust yields very little in today's ultra-low-interest economic climate.  

The Trust's work in therapy and education continues to cost more than we have been able to raise in revenue.

Only if new sources of financial support can be found will the Trust be able to continue its unique and valuable work.

The survival of the Champernowne Trust is at stake.

Become a Friend of Champernowne

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Consider a legacy.

Remember Champernowne Trust in your will and enable its work to benefit future generations.

Make a donation

 A one off payment, or as little as £5 a month: your generosity will make a huge difference.

Donate now with PayPal 

Help to spread the word:

Visit out Connections page and help us connect with relevant organisations that you know.

If you have connections, skills and interests that could help our work do get in touch, and we can discuss how you could make a contribution; email Michael Gavin, website editor.

Our registered charity address is:
Champernowne Trust
C/o Chalmers HB Chartered Accountants
20 Chamberlain Street
Somerset BA5 2PF

A charitable company limited by guarantee   Charity No.  1165034     Company No.  9437756