The quest begins

Following her recent blog post, Two Visions of Power, Lindsey Harris, Jungan Analyst and  Champernowne Trust Summer Course Co-ordinator, has provided two more Images of Power, both with an alchemical and mediaeval flavour, and both referring to the beginning of a quest, whether chivalrous or magical.

A knight at the outset of the alchemical quest, standing on a double fountain. First illustration in the “Splendor Solis” by Salomon Trismosin, 1582, alchemical manuscript housed in the British Library.

The first of a series of illustrations from the Book of Lambsprinck, de lapide philosophico, 1625. The philosopher adept stands beside his alchemical furnace, about to embark upon the magnum opus.

Your quest for adventure, and/or transformation, could begin at the Champernowne Trust Summer Course this August.

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