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The Champernowne Library

After the death of Dr Irene Champernowne – with her husband, Gilbert, founder of the Champernowne Trust – decisions had to be made as to the future of her extensive library. Dr Anthony Stevens, Jungian analyst and author, was primarily involved in that process. Eventually, a home was found for the books, through the generosity of Julian David, also a Jungian analyst, at his farm near Buckfastleigh, Devon.. There it has remained for some thirty or more years. In time, upon his retirement, Dr Stevens donated his own books to form the Champernowne-Stevens Library.

Following Julian’s request, the Trustees have been looking for a new location for the library. Julian himself recommended a site and new custodian in Frome, north Somerset and after visits to the proposed site, the Trustees recommended it to the Trust for approval. At present, the new accommodation is being prepared, including the fitting of good quality shelving. We expect the library move to take place within the new few months*, when there will be a grand opening ceremony. Researchers and other readers will be welcome. Information will follow concerning the library location, conditions of access, etc.