The course values

"An Enriching Experience. Something rare."

The Champernowne trust course has been described frequently as "unique."

The world of the psychological professions and the arts is full of training opportunities.

What is it about the Champernowne course that makes it uniquely different and attracts such acclaim from those who experience it??

And what do participants say about it?

It combines the mutually enriching power of psychology and the arts

“The arts studios opportunity, open all hours, was wonderful. Hard work but the process of struggle and outcome was rewarding.”

“Wonderful arts studios, full of materials.”

“Something rare, extremely valuable. Learning and insight.”

It achieves a synthesis of psychology and the arts based on Jung’s concept of active imagination

“I learned about Jung: what I had hoped for”

“Holds the archetypal essence of Jung’s life and work, to share individually and collectively.”

“Time and space for self reflection which will benefit my practice.”

“I could connect with the unconscious is many different ways.”

It brings together in its membership a wide range of ages, disciplines and professional experience

“The value of the range of age and experience. Inspiring.”

It provides time, opportunity and support to pursue subjects in depth through experiential and intellectual resources and in a welcoming, safe and secure environment

“A safe, deep place”

“Welcoming and approachable staff”

“Great care and warmth offered by the organisers”

“Superb, open and honest.”

It encourages individual involvement and choice, trusting the members and valuing their contributions

“A sense of openness and care for others”

“It is the people that made the experience special, meeting other people from different disciplines. The warmth and welcoming support, something I have never experienced before. I have made some wonderful friendships.”

“It is that collective spirit that is so important, something so special about singing, playing, eating, dancing, walking, creating and, yes, grieving and crying, in a collective: transformative.”

It offers a range of formal and informal creative resources

Something for everyone, exploring the unknown.”

“High standard of formal lectures. Well prepared, knowledgeable, experienced and with a passion.”

“The workshops. The power of collective creativity. Impactful. I will continue to grow with the experience.”

“The workshops are brilliant, home within a home.”

“The lectures gave ample opportunity to explore inner processes/symbols and reflect on my therapeutic approach.”

It creates a milieu in which members contribute to and learn from other professionals

“A very rich experience. A wonderful mix of learning, sharing, work on the inner journey. New friends.

It values fun through music, dance, singing and play

The talent, fun and beauty of performances.”

It is set in a beautiful house, gardens and countryside, supporting exploration of the inner landscape

Beautiful venue and location, good facilities.”

It provides an overall experience which is both personally and professionally stimulating and restorative

“Renewing, nourishing, physically, psychically, intellectually. Very stimulating. An idyllic week”

“One of the most enriching experiences of my life. The artistic emphasis helped me to be in contact with creative and vital elements in myself and with others.”

“The course as a whole is totally fantastic, a chance to unravel in a safe place, held, contained. A chance to explore my issues in therapeutic safety and creativity.”

“An extremely rich experience”

“The course fulfilled all my expectations and more”

“Rested, processed, created.”

“I feel energised and recharged.”

“At the end: joyful, new energy, strong feeling of purpose.”

Michael Vizard

4th November 2012