Summer Course 2018

The Champernowne Summer Course is designed to bring rest, refreshment and renewal on every level to those who work at depth in the service of others. 

For some this may simply mean blessed time luxuriating in the comfort and grandeur of a Hothorpe Hall, and its extensive grounds, with good food and companionship, free for once -for five whole days - from all external challenges and demands.

For those looking for more stimulus and scope, for inspiration and enrichment of mind, imagination and spirit, for deeper explorations , or "serious" play, there is an incredibly rich programme of activities: Lectures, Workshops and Arts Studio, and a range of other formal and informal activities.

The Course Theme

For each Course a Theme is chosen both for its topical relevance, and its deeper significance in the human psyche. Given the Jungian background of the Trust, the themes often have a mythical or alchemical slant.

For 2018, "Images of Power and the Power of Images" has been chosen.

The Course Programme
The elements of the Course Programme are the Lecture Programme, the Workshops and Studio offerings, and rich variety of more and less structured activities.   Click on the tabs below to explore in greater depth.


Champernowne Arts Workshops and Studio [is] a characteristic also of the child, and as such it appears inconsistent with the principle of serious work.

But without this playing with fantasy no creative work has ever yet come to birth.

 The debt we owe to the play of the imagination is incalculable                                

 Jung   (1921/1990, par. 93).

Engagement with creativity  is at the core of the mission of the Champernowne Trust and the Summer Course.

No prior knowledge or experience is required for any of these activities.  We all know how to play.

The Studio offers an ever-present opportunity for play (and indeed "serious work") at the time of your choosing.

The Workshops create a protected and focussed arena for exploration and play in a particular modality, in a group and with the guidance of highly experienced leader.

At the beginning of the Course, the Studio and Workshop Leaders will take some time to outline what is on offer, and you will have plenty time to ask questions, and to decide how you plan to use the rich mixture of opportunities available to you.

The Studio is open early till late.

 Workshops are timetabled.  To attend a workshop, you state your preferences in order at the start of the week, and are assigned to a workshop.

(Most people get their first choice, but of course it depends on numbers and the balance between workshops.)

It is a perfectly valid and accepted choice to abstain from both Studio and Workshops, if that is what  suits you.


Workshops happen each afternoon throughout the week.

No-one is required to sign up for a workshop. It is entirely voluntary.

If you do sign up for a workshop, that is a commitment  for the whole week.


The Studio is equipped for painting, drawing and other artwork, as well as clay and construction.

The Studio is open from early to late:  for late night explorations, early morning inspiration, the big (or small) dream in the middle of the night, and all through the day.

Studio Leaders are usually available in the Studio during the afternoon Workshop session, and at other times by arrangement.


Dance Movement Workshop  

Leader:  Aleka Loutis

Drama Workshop

Leader:  Bryn Jones

Fairytale Workshop

Leader:  Antonia Boll

Music Workshop

Leader:  Alison Davies

Writing Workshop

Leader: Michael Vizard

Studio Leaders: Catriona MacInnis and Claire Lee

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  • dance movement workshop
  • Drama workshop
  • fairytale workshop
  • music workshop
  • writing workshop
  • studios

Drama Workshop

These workshops will be an experiential introduction to drama. During each afternoon session, there will be the opportunity to play with different drama exercises and games as a group, to warm up and create a spirit of play.

We will explore dramatic processes in relation to the themes of the conference, with an emphasis on working in the moment rather than towards performance.

Leader:Bryn Jones

Bryn is a dramatherapist, supervisor and mindfulness-based therapist. His current clinical practice includes work with adolescents in Tier 4 Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS), bereavement work with families and work with adults as part of an Addiction Therapy Programme.

Bryn is also Drama Lecturer on the Drama and Movement Therapy MA at Royal Central School (University of London). He has recently co-edited Dramatherapy Reflections and Praxis published by Palgrave Macmillan.

He completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Creative Approaches to Supervision with the London Centre of Psychodrama and is now a member of the teaching team on this training. His current supervisory practice includes; individual supervision for MA level students, therapists from a broad range of modalities in a bereavement service and private practice.

Alongside his clinical and teaching practice, Bryn continues his practice as a theatre director. Most recently he has directed work for Arcola Theatre and Punchdrunk and an annual environmental art project in Japan.