Our Course



now postponed to

9th – 14th August 2021

Exploring Psychological, Spiritual and Ethical Issues


In the end, in spite of great efforts on the part of Champernowne Trust and Hothorpe House it has proved impossible to hold the Summer Course as planned in 2020, in the face of Coronavirus and the safety restrictions necessarily imposed by the government.

The good news is that we have been able to avoid complete cancellation, and the course will now run from Monday 9th to Saturday 14th August 2021. We hope by then that we will be able to reflect on the our astonishingly relevant theme “Alone and Together” from a position a of greater security and greater clarity.

If you had booked a place for 2020, and have not yet done so, please contact admin@champernowne.org to let us know whether you want to carry over your booking to 2021, or to cancel and claim a refund.

DATE: 9th-14th August 2021

VENUE: Hothorpe Hall, Theddingworth,
Leics LE17 6QX www.hothorpe.co.uk

First class accommodation in the heart of the English countryside.

SPEAKERS: Matthew Harwood, Jacqui Dyer,

Joy Schaverien, Alan Turkie, Jo Quennell.

CREATIVE WORKSHOPS: Music: Joy Gravestock, Fairytales: Antonia Böll, Dance: Aleka Loutsis,

Drama: Bryn Jones, Writing: Stephen Friedrich

ART STUDIO: Open 24 hours – Catriona MacInnes and Claire Lee facilitate 2D & 3D image making.

COSTS: Shared room per person £850 (*£775).

Single room per person £1250 (*£1150).

*Early bird prices apply when 50% deposit is paid by

30th November 2019. Book a shared room with a friend and save £25 each.


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24B Cranbourne Parade, Mutton Lane,

Tel. 07766 704941.

QUERIES: 07779 148834


Exploring Psychological, Spiritual and Ethical Issues

Only a society that can preserve its internal cohesion and collective values, while at the same time granting the individual the greatest possible freedom has any prospect of enduring vitality


Alone and Together

An Arts and Soul Retreat for Connection, Reflection, Imagination and the Arts

This course has a well-established reputation for enriching the lives of its participants. It offers a multi-layered experience where you can be part of a community whilst also offering the space to reflect. Providing a rich and varied five-day programme, the course delivers a unique immersive experience.

This year’s theme, Alone and Together, aims to explore the individual and the collective, with creative workshops, inspiring talks and discussions based on the ideas of C.G. Jung. Experienced creative and therapeutic professionals will guide and facilitate the individual and the group process on a journey of personal growth and self-discovery.

Presentations, discussion, healthy and delicious meals and lively conversation. No experience necessary to take part in Dancing, Singing, Art Studio and Creative Workshops. 20 hours CPD.