Lindsey Harris writes:

The excitement is palpable among those who want to make the 2018 summer course a special and unique experience. The organisers are delighted that we already have a good number of participants signed up. Many individuals are beavering away on all fronts now.

There is a buzz in the air about how about how we will tackle the course theme – Images of Power and the Power of Images. Speakers and workshop leaders on next August’s course are already musing upon the theme, thinking how to develop it next summer. More news of this in the New Year.

Images and thoughts swirl around us, in a volatile atmosphere of world instability that affects us, because the collective unconscious is in such a state of turmoil. These are alchemically explosive times we live in.

On a personal level we each have the task of managing the hidden power in our own unconscious complexes, so that the struggling ego is neither overwhelmed, nor inflated, by power.

Can power be managed, so that it doesn’t overwhelm us? How can we utilise our own power in creative ways?

If we could turn to myths for insight, which myths can guide us? How does power manifest itself in myth? How does the abstract concept of power translate into the specific imagery of story, drama, picture, sound, words, and creative expression?

Many ancient myths deal with the theme of power e.g. Gilgamesh, Heracles and Zeus, the Gorgon and the Minotaur, Mars, Dionysos, King Arthur and the knights. On the other hand there is the power of wisdom, compassion, cooperation and restraint, the subtle power of the arts and Orpheus, and Eros bringing relationships together. We hope some of these ideas can be explored next summer, in an enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere, where creative solutions will emerge.

Lindsey Harris

December 2017

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