Jung Club – Champernowne collaboration

Champernowne Trust is proud to present this article from Maggie Stanway , Chair of the Jung Club London, announcing a new phase of collaboration between the Jung Club and the Trust:

The C G Jung Club London is delighted to be collaborating with the Champernowne Trust for the Summer Course in August 2018.  It is such a worthwhile and comfortable match.

Not being a Jungian training organisation, we have a broad attitude to Jungian psychology and are interested in its many aspects, takes and applications.  The breadth of different approaches and activities that are experienced in the Course fits well with this.

The Club is aware that we are all too London-centric, given many of our Members live outside London.  So, to have the opportunity to offer this event in Leicestershire is most welcome.

We are very much a ‘club’ – the Webster dictionary definition being ‘an association of persons for some common object usually jointly supported”.  Those who come to our events say they appreciate the atmosphere of being like-minded souls together.  This was the same in my experience on the Summer Course.

I went when training to become an analyst.  It was most valuable and enjoyable: to have the chance to experience such a wide range of ways to be creative and feed the imagination, which is vital for personal development in Jungian analysis.



Each client is different as to what way suits them to do this – to have had a taste of what several ways are like, helps me to advise them.

In this day and age of divisions, adversarial stances and inflexible opinions, we are particularly thankful for the Champernowne Trust creating the opportunity to work together in an open and fertile way.  Jung again:

The topic of ‘Power’ is important for our time – it always has been, but it feels extra potent at the moment.  Jung wrote “Whatever is rejected from the Self appears in the world as an event”.  Considering power in our own depths and from the depths of the world soul, will have an effect on more than just ourselves.

Maggie Stanway (Chair of C G Jung Club London)








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