The Champernowne Trust - promoting emotional health 
through Jungian Psychotherapy and the Creative Arts since 1969


 - courses that inform, nourish and inspire

 - affordable therapy to those in need

The Trust disseminates

the psychology and methods

of Dr C G Jung

 as interpreted in practice

by Irene Champernowne.


Upcoming exhibition

The Power of Creativity: 

Champernowne, Jung and Withymead

at Weston Bank Library, The University of Sheffield

January to June 2023

"Everyone .. to have the opportunity of experiencing personally, the integrative power of creativeness"

Irene Champernowne in her outline for the inaugural Champernowne Trust  Summer Course 1970 

Irene Champernowne

Irene Champernowne was a pioneering Jungian psychotherapist who was a very early champion of the role of the arts in mental health. She founded and led the Withymead Centre in 1942 which was open until the late 1960s.  

Key figures in the development of creative therapies were linked to Withymead: Michael Edwards, Rudolph Laban, and R.D. Laing. And Irene kept a network of correspondence and visits with Jung and Zurich and London analysts.

The Champernowne Trust has continued the legacy of creativity in its courses for over fifty years.

The Exhibition

Drawing on material from the Irene Champernowne Archive, now held at The University of Sheffield Library, an exhibition is being planned, for six months from early 2023, which will explore the life and work of Irene Champernowne and the history of the Withymead Centre

It will also consider the remarkable legacy of Irene Champernowne’s work with reference to the Summer Courses and contemporary work in the therapeutic arts

Can you contribute?

 We are looking for stories and items to be used in the exhibition to provide further context into Irene’s legacy. We welcome images of possible contributions to be sent to before October 15th 2022.

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