Friends of Champernowne

Courtesy of Marie Laywine

A friend in need

Will you help us at this challenging time by becoming a Friend of The Champernowne Trust?

Therapeutic help and financial assistance provided through the Trust have proven to be beneficial, even life-changing in many cases. We have been able to assist hundreds of people over the years, and they tell us of recovery from severe depression, of new-found self-confidence, of families on the brink of breakdown now restored to good relationships.

Our training courses have enhanced the professional and personal lives and practice of many more hundreds of psychotherapists, arts therapists and others in the helping professions. One course member’s feedback is typical of the responses we receive:

“Something rare, extremely valuable”

We are determined, with your help, to continue this unique and valuable way of helping.

Friends together can do something really worthwhile. Your support will enable the Trust to continue these vital creative activities, supporting individuals with psychotherapy and professional helpers in their continuing development.

A Friend indeed… will you join us?

An appeal from the Trustees

For the first 40 years of its life, The Champernowne Trust was well funded and our capital investments earned good interest. Our vital objectives – to provide essential financial assistance to people needing psychotherapy, and running restorative courses for practitioners and students in the helping professions – were well supported, largely from the interest from investments, which enabled us to keep pace with the number of applicants seeking help.

Times have changed, however, and the interest from our investments is now too little to match applications as they increase in numbers and in severity of need. This increasing financial pressure is making inroads into the Trust’s stretched capital reserves.

If you are interested in becoming a Friend of The Champernowne Trust, please complete the form or, for further information, contact

You may also wish to remember The Champernowne Trust in your will.