The Champernowne Summer Course was designed from its inception to bring rest, refreshment and renewal on every level to those who work at depth in the service of others. 

For some this may simply mean blessed time luxuriating in the comfort and grandeur of  Hothorpe Hall, and its extensive grounds, with good food and companionship, free for once -for five whole days - from all external challenges and demands.

For those looking for more stimulus and scope, for inspiration and enrichment of mind, imagination and spirit, for deeper explorations , or "serious" play, there is an incredibly rich programme of activities: Lectures, Workshops and Arts Studio, and a range of other formal and informal activities.

Over the years many others from many other backgrounds have found the course intriguing, nourishing, inspiring and stimulating.   Read their comments here.

The Course Theme

For each Course a Theme is chosen both for its topical relevance, and its deeper significance in the human psyche. Given our Jungian background of the Trust, the themes drawn on Jungian concepts, often having a mythical or alchemical slant.

Our 2020 Theme "Alone and Together" addresses one of  Jung's simplest and most profound concerns:  the relation between the the individual and the collective.  

This year's theme for the week

Alone and Together

is developed through the lectures, the workshop times and in the spaces between.

"Only a society that can preserve its internal cohesion and collective values, while at the same time granting the individual the greatest possible freedom has any prospect of enduring vitality."


The Course Programme in detail

The elements of the Course Programme are the Lecture Programme, the creative Workshops and Studio offerings, and rich variety - more and less structured - of other activities.

 Click on the LECTURE PROGRAMME| WORKSHOPS & STUDIO| OTHER ACTIVITIES tabs below to explore the 2020 Course in greater depth.


The Lecturers and their lectures

Matthew Harwood

Alone and Together’ with Your Inner Family: Active Imagination and Internal Family Systems Therapy

Jacqui Dyer 

To be advised

Joy Schaverien 

Boarding School Syndrome: The ABC-D of a Trauma

Alan Turkie 

Treasuring Ourselves, Embracing Others

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  • Jacqui DYER

Matthew Harwood is a classically-trained Jungian Analyst and Psychotherapist practising in Bath & Bristol.   He has a Diploma in Analytical Psychology from the CG Jung Institute in Zürich and is a senior (training) analyst with the Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (IGAP).   He is also trained in Pesso Boyden Group Psychotherapy & Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS).  He is well-known for his lively and inspirational lectures & workshops, both in the UK & overseas.. ​