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Remembering Brian Holmes

Last year, exactly at Summer Course time, though there was no Champernowne Summer Course that year, our good friend Brian Holmes died quite suddenly, and he is sadly missed. Brian loved to play the piano. An ever present course member since the late eighties, he was always available  to accompany singers and other musicians, a […]

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Midweek – impressions from Champernowne

Wednesday – midway through the Course, which is now in full flow:  Art Studios buzzing,  Workshops gelling, people rehearing for tonight’s Your Turn event, a brighter turn in the weather; Some glimpses: “Sort of Tai Chi” on the dew-damp lawn.  Deer springing across the fields on our horizon,  and away into cover.. five elements “The […]

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The Poetry & Science of Ice and Fire

Monday On Tuesday under greyer skies, our Summer Course, The Ice and the Fire: Empowering Hearts and Minds continues with undiminished enthusiasm. In the morning after singing, Richard Skinner, poet and long-time course member, astonished us with a poem on the theme of Ice and Fire: a villanelle, no less, a demanding form requiring the […]

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