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The Champernowne Library: Research Opportunity

The Champernowne Library comprises numerous books and others texts from the original collection of Dr Irene Champernowne, added to in more recent years by generous donations by Dr Anthony Stevens. Of particular academic interest are two separate sets of archival material: a collection of mainly unpublished or privately published works and pamphlets, including notes of lectures […]

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Champernowne roots: Toni Wolffe

A book recommendation  from Michael Vizard and from  Jo Homan, who have been involved with Trust’s collection of books and records, inherited from Irene Champernowne. The book includes extensive quotations from the  correspondence between Wolff and Irene Champernowne, and of course from Irene’s ‘Memoir of Toni Woolf’.This is the book description from Amazon:Captivating, astute, and at […]

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