About Champernowne

At the Champernowne Trust, we promote emotional health through Jungian Psychotherapy and the Creative Arts.

The  Champernowne Trust has two primary objectives.

The Trust’s first objective is the provision of assistance to people in need of psychotherapy but whose financial resources are limited. 

The Trust has a selected panel of therapists, who have agreed to work for set fees, through whom the scheme operates. Normally help is provided by the Trust paying part of fee for each session. These payments are made as a gift to the patient. After therapy people are invited to make a donation equivalent to the gift they have received. These donations can then be used to help others.

The second objective is the sponsorship of special courses and events for therapists and others in the helping professions. These courses provide opportunities to explore creative and innovative aspects of Jungian psychotherapy.

The week-long Annual Summer Course, sponsored and underwritten by the Champernowne Trust, was held every year since 1972 until 2012 and since then, biennially*. The programme has included: formal lectures, arts workshops and discussions, contributing to an exploration of practical, creative and inspirational applications of Jungian psychology in personal and professional life. The course encourages personal and professional development by linking creative and psychological aspects of change. It is based on the premise that problem solving and innovation, whether in the arts, sciences or therapy, demands the cultivation of insight, enterprise and imagination.

The Course has a broadly Jungian/archetypal ethos, but without dogmatism or evangelism.

* With the onset of covid restrictions, in-person events were no longer possible. A experimental Virtual Event was held in October 2021.  Both participants and those involved in the delivery of the Event were pleasantly surprised by the extent to which the "Champernowne  feeling"  of support for exploration, collaborative creativity, and community was kept alive within the virtual framework.