Tom Lindsay Remembered

Tom Lindsay was involved with the Champernowne Trust for over a decade. He was introduced to the Summer Course by John Miller and became a regular.

Mike Vizard, Course Director, noted how helpful he was becoming to other course members and suggested him as a future Trustee.

Tom's kindness, skill and good humour endeared him to many. When he became a Trustee, we got to know and respect him as a truly helpful and thoughtful colleague and friend.

Later, joining the Summer Course Committee, he provided leadership and a link between the Course Committee and the Trustees. We remember with deep affection his devotion to cost projections and possibilities!

Thus it is with immense sadness we have to communicate the news of his sudden death in February this year. At his funeral, in deep winter weather, a few of us were able to say goodbye from Champernowne.

All of us in the Champernowne Community will know the playfulness and intelligence that were to be enjoyed in being with Tom. Through him we came to know Irene whom he met when he became her landlord in Oxford. And we have all been able to enjoy watching his happiness with Irene and the joy he found in his twin daughters, Dora and Lena.

Many online trustees’ meetings and the last course featured the girls participating with gusto on their father's knees!

Champernowne meant a lot to Tom, and he to Champernowne. That he is sorely missed is so clear to all who knew him.