Monthly Archives: August 2016

Midweek – impressions from Champernowne

Wednesday – midway through the Course, which is now in full flow:  Art Studios buzzing,  Workshops gelling, people rehearing for tonight’s Your Turn event, a brighter turn in the weather; Some glimpses: “Sort of Tai Chi” on the dew-damp lawn.  Deer springing across the fields on our horizon,  and away into cover.. five elements “The […]

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The Poetry & Science of Ice and Fire

Monday On Tuesday under greyer skies, our Summer Course, The Ice and the Fire: Empowering Hearts and Minds continues with undiminished enthusiasm. In the morning after singing, Richard Skinner, poet and long-time course member, astonished us with a poem on the theme of Ice and Fire: a villanelle, no less, a demanding form requiring the […]

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Summer Course 2016 under way

Here at Cumberland Lodge, the 43rd Champermowne Summer Course has assembled and is triumphantly under way. Around seventy-seven souls, course members and staff, are assembled in the rather grand and luxurious royal lodge.  On a sunny Sunday afternoon, a friendly welcome and introduction to the course awaited us, with drinks on the lawn and a […]

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